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Application Process
200-hr Haṭha + Vinyāsa
Jun - Oct, 2024 at YOGABARN in Hanover, ON

Welcome to our Yoga Teacher Training in Canada!

Please complete the application form below to apply.

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Register for our YTT in Canada

Please take a moment to review our application process, as well as our registration terms and conditions below.

in Hanover, Ontario
Lead Teacher | Eva Hamilton
Assistant Leader | Esperanza Eusebio
In-Person Immersion Dates:

Pt 1 | June 29 - July 6th, 2024

Pt 2 | October 19 - 26th, 2024

About the Program |

2024 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training in Canada

Hosted by the Yoga Barn in Hanover, Ontario


Students must be able to attend both in-studio modules:

  • Module One | June 29 - July 6th, 2024

  • Module Two | Oct 19 - 26, 2024

Application Process |

To apply for our 200-hour Teacher Training, please begin by filling out our student application form. Please note that this form does not confirm your complete registration, but it is the first step on your path.


Once we receive your application, we will be in touch to provide you with a full information package detailing the course dates, curriculum, schedule, teachers, assignments, and certification expectations. 

We will also reach out to you directly to schedule a short consultation call with one of our teacher trainers to ensure the program is an ideal fit for you. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you, your practice, and your intentions for joining our training, as well as to answer any of your remaining questions. We try to schedule calls within one week of receiving your application form. 

Once accepted into the 200-hr teacher training, students will have one week to then pay or transfer their booking deposit ($500). Upon receiving the deposit, the program administrators will confirm the student's successful registration in the course.

Payment Process & Plans |

Upon receiving acceptance into the training, students must pay a deposit of $500 CAD to reserve their space. Please note that the $500 booking deposit is non-refundable. Students in Canada can pay their $500 booking deposit by:

  • Or by requesting an online invoice which can be paid with Wise or a debit or credit card. Please note that invoices will include a 2.9% surcharge for credit and debit transactions.

For subsequent payments, students may choose to:

  • Pay the remainder in full by invoice or email money transfer.

  • Students who may benefit from a more gradual payment program can request a three-month payment plan. Please note that failure to comply with regular payments may result in losing one's spot in the course.

All remaining tuition must be paid in full six weeks in advance of the start date of training. Failure to make full payment by this date may result in losing one's spot in the course.

Cancelation & Refund Policies | 

If a registered student can no longer attend their selected program, the following cancelation terms apply:


  • Prior to six weeks of the beginning of training | If the applicant cancels their training booking prior to six weeks before the start of the program, the applicant will forfeit the $500 deposit. In this case, the value will be offered as a future credit for retreats and teacher trainings offered by Source Yoga, minus a $100 administration fee.

  • Within six weeks of the beginning of training | If the applicant cancels within six weeks of the start of the start date of the program, the applicant will forfeit $1000 of their paid tuition. Such value, minus a $100 administration fee, can be applied towards a future training program or retreat offered by Source Yoga. Their remaining balance will be refunded.

  • Once training has begun | The program will not give any refunds or credits after the training starts.


Cancelation Credit | In case of student cancelation before the start of the program, the student may apply their credit amount towards the next available training session or a program offered within two years of their original booking. They must pay the difference of the remaining tuition and/or any related administrative fees. If tuition is increased for the next available session, the student must pay the higher rate.

The program reserves the right to cancel any training before it begins. In that case, any payments applicants have made will be refunded in full.

Attendance Policy

Graduation from our program requires the student’s full attendance at all training sessions. We are compassionate that life holds unforeseen circumstances, so our program allows for a few hours of absence. A maximum of 10 hours (essentially one in-person training day) may be missed throughout the course of the training (this is permitted as our full curriculum compromises over 210 hours). Students are expected to arrive on time. Any pattern of unapproved absences or excessive lateness is unacceptable and may result in dismissal from the program without a refund.

Certification Policy

In order to receive their certification, students are required to:

  • Attend all in-person training hours (maximum 10 hours absence and lateness)

  • Complete all assignments and assessments to a high standard, including student workbooks, two written exams, and two teaching practicums

Application Questions? |

Please reach out to us directly at

SOURCE  Website  (10)_edited.png

This form is for students applying to attend our Jun - Oct 2024 Teacher Training in Canada. 

Canada 200hr Application Form

Part One | Your Basic Info

This helps us to stay in touch.

Part Two | Your Yoga Practice

This helps us to understand your current practice and if our program is approapriate for you. 

Part Three | Your Intentions

This helps us to understand your expectations and aims in our program and how you may share yoga in the future. 

2. How would you want to teach?

Part Four | Your Your Wellbeing

This helps us to understand any wellbeing concerns to look after you throughout the training. Please disclose only what you feel comfortable sharing. Know that any information shared here on injuries or conditions will not impact your acceptance into the program. 

1. Please indicate if you have any of the following:

Part Five | References & Referral

This helps us to get in touch with your practice and personal references.

Part Six | Emergency Contact

Just in case we need to reach out. 

Part Seven | Terms & Conditions

I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions regarding the teacher training process and certification requirements:

I understand and agree to the following regarding course payments and cancellation policies:

Part Eight | Date & Signature

By signing below, I confirm that the information provided in this application is accurate and complete. I understand that the completion of this application form does not guarantee acceptance into the program and that a Source Teacher will be in touch soon to arrange a free consult call.

Thanks for submitting your application form! We'll be in touch soon.

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