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Teacher Training



Are you ready to evolve your love of yoga into a lifelong practice and professional path?

Welcome to the Source Yoga Essential 200-hr Teacher Training. We guide and support your journey to teach yoga with clarity and confidence. Our courses and curriculum offer in-depth yoga education, elevating the teaching of Haṭha and Vinyāsa yoga. From the origins and deeper intentions of yoga, to the intricacies of human anatomy, our broad and balanced training covers all aspects of yoga. 


Offered as a hybrid of in-person immersions alongside online resources, you'll benefit from the irreplaceable opportunity to learn in person as well as the continued support of online learning. 

Guided by experienced yoga educators, you’ll learn more than how to teach poses. You’ll uncover the beautiful intelligence underlining yogic concepts. You’ll discover intricate and intentional methods of instruction and communication. 

You’ll overcome the healthy nervousness of teaching your first pose, sequence, and class. You’ll find your voice and unique expression of yoga to share with your community. And you’ll learn how to hold space for yourself and others through this practice. 

As yoga educators, we don't just teach yoga; we become the source for our students. Join one of our two trainings in 2024. We'll guide you through this process of wisdom and well-being to become a calm and confident certified yoga teacher.

in the Douro Valley, Portugal 
April 2025

About the Training

At Source Yoga, we believe in staying grounded in the roots of yogic traditions while integrating contemporary insights and practices into our approach. Our philosophy extends beyond the mere transmission of knowledge; it's about embodying yoga and becoming a source for your students to experience its wisdom. 

The Source curriculum weaves together ancient philosophies and modern perspectives to support our students through the transition from yoga practitioner to trusted guide. Our training honors yoga's origins and wisdom traditions, alongside functional anatomy, teaching practice, and holding safe emotional space. Through these four pillars, we believe a yoga teacher training can offer a transformative experience for both our external professional development and internal journey of self-awareness.


Our training is embodied and interactive. We believe that nothing replaces the value of learning how to teach moving, breathing bodies and witness the direct response of verbal cues and consenting hands-on assists. 160 hours of our course is completed in person through immersion-style modules. Intensive trainings live up to their name – they are intentionally intense. These immersions are powerful spaces for learning, self-growth, and transformation. They invite us to be fully dedicated and present in the training process.

Through small mindful steps, like teaching your first pose, sequence, and class, you’ll witness a big, beautiful transformation. We believe that the only way you learn how to teach is by teaching. Alongside theory, we also give importance to practice teaching from the very start. Our faculty, comprised of experienced and passionate instructors, is dedicated to providing a holistic learning experience. We also keep our class sizes small and weave in moments for one-on-one feedback and mentoring so you’ll feel personally supported through the training.

You will learn how to teach both classical Haṭha yoga and creative Vinyāsa flow, alongside adaptable practices for supporting different populations and the skills to lead more in-depth offerings like workshops. But beyond teaching a specific flow, our students learn the deeper intelligence of sequencing that organizes and structures the asana and movement within a class. Applying these strategies, you’ll begin to construct your own safe, intentional, and meaningful yoga classes. We also know that the student-teacher connection is based on safe boundaries and subtle skills, including language, thematic elements, space holding, and co-regulation. We explore these essential aspects that are often overlooked.  


Alongside the in-person portions, 40 hours of our program continues online. You’ll receive access to live calls, an online container of specialist lectures, and a vast collection of online classes as ongoing references to support your teaching. And after graduation day, we stay by your side. In addition to our 200-hour curriculum, this training includes an additional 10-hour mentorship module, covering a range of practical topics relating to teaching yoga professionally. From developing a sustainable class planning process, to developing signature offerings and marketing your classes, you won’t feel deserted after graduation day.  We give our teachers the tools and encouragement to expand their teaching into different pathways, from group classes, privates, workshops, events, and retreats. 

Even more than the intricacies of yoga, in this training you’ll uncover so much about yourself. The wisdom innate in your body. Your mental architecture. Your abilities to relate and connect with others. Your own unique expression and voice as a teacher. 

As a Source Student, You'll Receive...

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  • 160-hrs of In-Person Training | We believe that hands-on learning for yoga teachers in invaluable. You’ll learn to instruct and assist other bodies by observing how your cues land, offering tactile assistance, and the developing the skills to adapt poses in unique contexts.

  • 40-hr Online Course Container |  You’ll receive lifetime access to an online container of over 20 hours of guest expert lectures, covering specialist subjects of yoga. Plus an online library of over 100 yoga classes, including Haṭha, Vinyāsa, Yin, Restorative, MFR and more to support your self-practice and inspire your own classes.

  • 10-hr Bonus Mentorship Process | We stay by your side. After graduation, you’ll benefit from a 10-hour mentorship and integration module including special resources to help you get started teaching, as well as group calls to reconnect, and a one-on-one session with one of our course leaders.

  • Source Materials | Over 600-pages of our proprietary manuals and resources printed in full colour, including volumes I & II of in-depth manuals and three additional integration workbooks (valued at $300)

  • Certification | 200-hr Yoga Teacher Certificate Accredited by the Yoga Alliance

  • Two Therapy Balls |  For your own fascial self-care throughout the training

  • Source Swag | Signature source tote bag, swag, and special graduation gift!

  • PLUS Your Yoga Photoshoot |  5 professional photos for your own memories & marketing (including a headshot and poses of your choice)


Why go to the Source?

  • Comprehensive Curriculum | Our course content provides a broad and balanced approach to yoga, staying close to the philosophical roots of yoga, while preparing our teachers for the practicalities of guiding practice in the modern world

  • Amazing Manuals | Our teacher training manuals are incredible resources that will support your practice and teaching for years to come. A standard YTT manual is around 100 pages. In our training, you'll receive multiple volumes and workbooks encompassing over 600 pages of self-written material covering all aspects of yoga theory and practice. ​

  • Skilled & Experienced Teachers | Our Lead Trainer Eva has over sixteen years of dedicated yoga study and teaching experience. She has facilitated over twenty different international teacher trainings. Each training is also supported by dedicated faculty and industry experts with extensive yoga experience.

  • Immersive In-Person Education | We believe that nothing replaces learning together - moving, breathing bodies - Practical Teaching Experience: Gain hands-on teaching experience throughout the program, ensuring you are ready to lead with confidence.

  • Online Continuous Study Container | Alongside our in-studio modules, you'll receive access to specialized lectures with expert teachers and a curated collection of online classes. These are additional resources you can reference at any time to support your future teaching. 

  • Small Class Sizes | We keep our training small (10-16 students), so you’ll benefit from personalized attention, a supportive learning environment, one-on-one feedback, and ongoing mentorship.

  • International Accreditation | Our program is officially accredited as a 200-hr Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance, providing you with the most globally recognized qualification. Whether you aspire to teach locally or take your skills abroad, our certification opens doors to a world of teaching.





in person





Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to be comprehensive and complete, offering a hybrid learning experience that seamlessly blends in-person intensives with engaging online modules. We go above and beyond industry standards, ensuring an enriched educational journey that prepares you thoroughly for your yoga teaching path.

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Arrive & Anchor |

Program Orientation

Origins & Intentions |

Introduction to Yoga

Wisdom Traditions |

Yoga History & Philosophy

Subtle Systems |

Energetic Anatomy

Embodied Anatomy |

& Functional Movement

Teaching Method |

Guiding Practice

Āsana & Alignment |

Classical Poses & Flows

Prānāyāma |

Breathwork & Benefits

Dhyāna |

Meditation, Mantras, & Mudras

Crafting Classes |

Sequencing & Theming

Practice to Profession |

Ethics & Business of Yoga


Āsana & Practice

Including āsana, prāṇāyāma, and meditation, as well as āsana analysis to refine alignment, embody anatomical principles, and deep self-connection


Embodied Anatomy

Get to know the deeper structures and individual intricacies of the body to guide safe and functional movement


Yoga History Philosophy

Learn about the ancient origins, philosophical phases, and deeper intentions of yoga practice, contextualizing our teaching in the modern world


Teaching Method

Including teaching method, sequencing, theming, language, space holding, ethics, and business of yoga, and an emphasis on practice teaching.


Additional Mentorship 

After our training, we stay by your side with 10-hours of ongoing lectures, live group calls to reconnect, and a one-on-one support session.

What you'll learn...

  • Āsana Analysis | Alignment and adaptations of yoga postures

  • Prāṇāyāma & Dhyāna | Breathwork and Meditation

  • Yoga History | From ancient origins to modern styles

  • Yoga Philosophy | Wisdom traditions and primary texts 

  • Embodied & Individual Anatomy |

  • Observing and Adapting | Reading and responding to bodies

  • Energetics and Subtle Systems | The koshas, nadis, and chakras

  • Classical Haṭha Class Composition

  • Vinyāsa Flow and Creative Sequencing Strategies

  • Teaching Tools |  Instruction, demonstration, observation, adaptation, and tactile assistance for different learning styles

  • Language and Theming Frameworks

  • Safe and Effective Hands-on Assists

  • Pathways | Teaching groups, privates, and workshops, as well as special populations

  • Holding Safe Emotional Space

  • Subtle Skills of Teaching Yoga | Boundaries, Communication, Co-regulation

  • Yoga Ethics | Lifestyle, scope of practice, and professional skills

  • Yoga Business Models | Energetically and Economically SustainableTeaching

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Sample Schedule

Here's a sample of our daily teacher training schedule (note - this may be adapted slightly as collaborate with the schedules of our studio partners). 


Morning Yoga Practice

Including Āsana, Prānāyāma, and Meditation


History Philosophy Lecture

Eg. Intro to the Eight Limbs of Yoga


Embodied Anatomy Lecture

Eg. Overview of Hip Anatomy - Joint structure & major muscles



Rest & replenish during our lunch break


Āsana Analysis

Eg. Standing Poses & Lunges Part One


Techniques & Practice Teaching

Eg. Guiding Meditation - Theory & Practice


Teaching Method Lecture

Eg. Classical Hatha Sequencing Pt. II


Evening Yoga Practice

Eg. Yin Yoga - Adaptive Wall Class

Meet Our
Lead Teachers

The Source Teaching Team is a collective of experienced Yoga Teachers and Educators, including Eva Hamilton, Esperanza Eusebio, and Lauren Simmonis.


Eva Maxine Hamilton

Director of Source Yoga

+ Lead Yoga Teacher Trainer

Dennis é um instrutor certificado de Anusara Yoga com mais de 10 anos de experiência de ensino. Suas aulas são conhecidas por seu foco no alinhamento e sua capacidade de criar um ambiente de apoio e edificante para seus alunos.


Esperanza Eusebio

Assistant Teacher | Canada

Vanessa é uma instrutora experiente de Vinyasa Yoga, apaixonada por sequenciamento criativo e movimentos fluidos. Ela incentiva seus alunos a explorarem seus limites enquanto cultivam a atenção plena e a presença no tatame.


Jessica Rabone

Assistant Teacher | Portugal

Alex é instrutor de Hatha Yoga com profundo conhecimento dos aspectos físicos e energéticos da prática. Suas aulas são uma mistura de posturas tradicionais de Hatha e princípios de alinhamento modernos, criando uma experiência equilibrada e transformadora para seus alunos.


Welcome to the Source


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The Fine Print

Pre-Requisites for Enrollment | 

  • A minimum of one year of practice in Hatha or Vinyasa yoga. (For those with less experience, let’s book a consult call to discuss if our program is suitable for you)

  • Proficiency in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga styles.

  • Effective communication skills in English. (We appreciate for many students, English may be your second language and that you may typically teach in other languages. But please note that for the duration of our program, you will be required to communicate and teach practices in English).

  • Mandatory reading assignments and preparatory work to be completed prior to our first day of in-person training.

Application Process

  • After completing your application form, our training leaders will be in touch. You can also book an optional consultation call to pose any remaining questions and ensure our program is in alignment with you.

  • After acceptance into the training, you will receive an invoice with instructions to transfer your booking deposit and save your space in the program. Payment Plans are available for students who might benefit from a more gradual payment process. 

Certification | 

  • Our training has been approved and registered as a 200-hr Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance. Upon successful completion, our teachers can choose to register as a 200-RYT® (Registered Yoga Teacher) and continue their teaching and studies with this acknowledgment.

  • To graduate from the course and receive certification, students are required to attend all training hours and submit all mandatory assignments. This will include including passing two written exams and two practical teaching assessments.

  • To receive certification, students cannot miss more than 10-hours of the in-person training modules.  

Terms & Conditions | Cancelation & Refund Policies 

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I'm not the most flexible or I have an injury. Can I attend the course?

Absolutely! Our training is designed to accommodate practitioners of all experiences and physical conditions. Our experienced instructors will provide modifications and adaptations to ensure a safe and inclusive learning environment.

I want to deepen my personal connection with yoga, but I'm not interested in teaching yoga professionally. Can I still join the 200-hour training?

Certainly! Our program is open to individuals seeking personal growth and a deeper understanding of yoga, even if teaching professionally isn't your goal. The 200-hour training is a transformative journey that caters to both aspiring teachers and those on a personal exploration of yoga.

What styles of yoga will I be able to teach?

Our comprehensive curriculum covers a variety of styles, including Haṭha and Vinyāsa yoga. You'll gain the knowledge and skills to confidently teach these styles, allowing you the flexibility to adapt and personalize your classes.

I love yoga and want to teach, but I'm nervous...

It's natural to feel a bit nervous, and our supportive environment is precisely designed to help you overcome those feelings. Our experienced instructors provide mentorship and guidance to boost your confidence and ensure a positive learning experience.

I want to join the course, but I'm currently facing financial constraints.

We understand financial considerations, and we offer various payment plans to make the training accessible. Reach out to us, and we'll explore options to support your journey.

Is accommodation and/or food included in my training package? 

No. For our 2024 200-hr training packages, food, accommodation, and travel costs are not included. Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel, accommodation and meals during the training.

What certification will I receive from this program?

Upon completion, you'll receive an accredited 200-hr Yoga Alliance certificate. This is the most internationally recognized certificate for yoga teachers. You can also choose to register this certificate with the Yoga Alliance. 

Will I be confident to teach after this program?

Absolutely! You will have all the tools and techniques to teach, plus the practical experience of guiding your peers and practicum teaching. 

What next? Once I complete the program, will there by any continuing support?

Yes! We offer ongoing support, mentorship, and resources to assist you in your post-training journey. Our commitment extends beyond the program, ensuring you feel supported and connected as you embark on your teaching path.

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More Questions? 

Connect with Source

New to our community? Or seeking a little more clarity before committing? Let's connect ♡ 


Send us a wee message or book a conversation to resonate with one of our teacher trainers.

We would love to learn more about you and what you're looking for in a teacher training. 


This is a space for you to pose any remaining questions and feel into your alignment with our program.

Thank you. We'll be in touch soon.


Are you ready?

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