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25hr Embodied Massage Training
Remedial Myofascial Release Techniques for Yoga Teachers

with Eva Maxine Hamilton,

Upcoming Course:

at Cozy Yoga Porto | Feb 16, 17, 18th, 2024

Fri | 12:30-9pm & Sat & Sun | 9am-6pm


Get to know the deeper textures and sensations alive within your body by weaving myofascial release techniques into your yoga practice.


Myofascial release (MFR) is a method of remedial techniques which use compression and active movement in order to unpack and untangle fascial adhesions throughout the fabric of your body.


Using embodiment tools, including yoga blocks, massage balls, and our own touch, this practice will support you and your yoga students in reducing tension, improving movement, relieving stress and enhancing your yoga practice.


Join us in this new yoga teacher training to share these benefits and deepen the conversation between mind and body through the direct experience of breath, movement, and massage.

More Than a Massage...

Beneath the walls of your skin, fascia forms a fabric that weaves around and throughout every structure of the body, forming a tissue matrix which supports movement, stability, hydration and awareness. Inevitably through our daily postural patterns, dehydration, immobility, and the natural processes of aging, this material can become tangled with adhesions (a process called fibrosis), molding a tense internal encasing surrounding our muscles and joints.


Myofascial release (MFR) is a remedial technique that utilizes tissue manipulation (like massage, pressure and movement) to reduce this constriction. MFR is often performed as a manual therapy by a trained practitioner (like a physical therapist), but can also be taught as a guided self-practice using simple tools and mindful movement to initiate release.


Unlike yoga, which originates in the sacred heritage of South Asian traditions, MFR is anchored in modern physical therapy, but makes a wonderful partner to your yoga practice. Whether your classes are gentle or dynamic, MFR can support you and your students by improving range of motion and neuromuscular communication, reducing tension and accumulated stress, and establishing a deeper relationship with your own body.

So often, our yoga students reflect that self-care is too expensive or time consuming. Sharing this methodology can allow you to build a focused or full-body massage into your yoga classes and empower your students in their knowledge of their bodies and their ability to care for their own being.

About the training

In this 25-hr Embodied Massage YTT, you'll learn how to integrate precise and powerful myofascial release techniques into your yoga teaching and practice. 


Often our yoga practice reveals our most tight and tender places which can often remain contracted despite dedicated stretching. By skillfully applying a MFR technique, you may happily discover that the range of motion vastly improves. Despite the instant gratification, there is so much more to this practice and it is imperative that we understand the deeper structures of the body that we are influencing. 


Our curriculum is centered around safety and therefore will include plenty of anatomical awareness. As we visit different zones of the body, we will deep dive into the components which construct, support, and move each joint in order to understand the intended impact of each technique. Whether you’re an anatomy nerd or just stepping into this study, our learning approach will blend the intellectual with the embodied. 


Upon completion of the course, you will feel confident in your understanding and application of these practices, allowing you to bring myofascial moments into your current teaching or to design in-depth full length MFR inspired yoga classes. 


Included in this YTT |


  • Receive our original MFR manual and two basic MFR balls + bag

  • Access to an online library of additional resources, including five MFR practice videos

  • Enjoy 2x daily MFR-inspired yoga practices

  • Deep dive in 2x daily lectures focused on theory, science and teaching method

  • Explore in MFR technique tutorials for all major muscles and joints

  • Enhance your understanding and appreciation of fascia

  • Upgrade your anatomical confidence through an embodied approach 

  • Learn sequencing and theming frameworks, as well as language and holding safe space

  • Integrate breath, sound and movement techniques to support the release of tension

  • Adapt techniques for gentle practices or recovery, or intensify for pressure and dynamic classes

  • Educate your students on anatomy and movement through their own internal experience

  • Support your own teacher self-care and prevent physical and emotional burnout, through this caring method of embodied massage

Daily Schedule | Embodied Massage YTT

09:00 - 10:30am  |  Yoga + MFR Practice

10:30 - 11:00am  |  Breakfast

11:00 - 12:00pm    |  AM Lecture

12:00 - 1:30 pm   |  Anatomy + MFR Techniques

1:30 - 2:30pm    |  Lunch + Rest

2:30 - 4:00pm    |  Anatomy + MFR Techniques

4:00 - 5:00pm    |  PM Lecture

5:00 - 6:00pm     | Yoga + MFR Practice

Facilitated by Eva Maxine Hamilton

Eva Hamilton is a Canadian Yoga Educator, specializing in the slow, supported and soulful practices of yin yoga and restorative yoga. She completed her first of many yoga trainings when she was just 17, teaching full time since 2008. She owned a studio in Canada for many years before she began to travel and teach around the world. 


Her gentle approach is combined with an in-depth understanding of anatomy and functional movement as well as the mindbody connection and intricate workings of the human nervous system. Before becoming a yoga teacher, Eva studied religious studies at university and has a thorough understanding of philosophy and mysticism.


Eva specializes in educating on applied anatomy, yoga philosophy, teaching methodology, posture clinics & alignment, preventing yoga injuries, myofascial release, and more. Eva has completed over 1000-hrs of yoga studies and is registered as a Yoga Alliance YACEP (Continuing Education Provider).


Eva's intention in teaching is to craft a supportive & nourishing energy for her student's self-exploration. She places an emphasis on the internal experience and encourages self-empathy, kindness and curiosity both on and off the mat.


As a Teacher Trainer, her objective is to elevate the standard of yoga teacher trainings and train knowledgable, confident and compassionate teachers who embody their teachings, hold safe space, and pass along the wisdom of yoga in their communities. 

Sign Up ♡

February 2024 | Porto, Portugal

Fri - Sun, Feb 16, 17, 18th, 2024

Fri | 12:30 - 9pm

Sat & Sun | 9am - 6pm

Join us at Cozy Yoga Porto Yoga for our signature MFR teacher training this Winter. 

Course Tuition:

  • €250 Early Bird (Before January 20th, 2024)

  • €300 regular price

  • Includes 2 basic therapy balls 

  • Payment plans available (2 installments) *


Choose an option to book our
February 2024 MFR YTT in Porto

  • MFR YTT | Payment Plan

    Todo mês
    {Regular Price | 2 Monthly Payments}
    Válido por 2 meses
    • 25-hr In-Studio Teacher Training
    • Printed Textbook
    • Therapy Balls
  • MFR YTT | Regular Price

    {Regular Price | Single Payment}
    • 25-hr In-Studio Teacher Training
    • Printed Textbook
    • Two Therapy Balls

the FAQ's

The frequently asked questions about this course

(We recommend you review this section prior to your registration)



I’m not a yoga teacher, but I love MFR and I’m interested in participating for my own self-practice. Can I join the course?

Yes. Dedicated students are welcome and we would love to support you in developing your knowledge and love of this practice. Please note that while there are no prerequisites for this training, it will include a lot of theory and anatomy. While some students find this challenging, others appreciate the experience of learning more about their own bodies. We also like to advise students that regardless of whether you are a teacher or not, this is a professional certification program and all participants will be required to teach a short practicum in the final days of training. For our myofascial release training, this will involve teaching a short, focused 15 minute session to our group on day three (guidance will be provided at the YTT). 


I am a movement or wellness professional, but not a yoga teacher. Can I join the course?

Yes. While the course is instructed from the perspective and application of yoga practice, these tools may also be applicable to other fitness and wellness spaces, including personal training, coaching, massage therapy, etc... Some basic experience and familiarity with yoga will benefit all participants, but you are more than welcome to step in if you work in another movement or wellness modality.



I am not an advanced practitioner of yoga. Or I’m recovering from an injury. Can I join the course? 

There is no prerequisite of physical flexibility or strength in order to join our course. You are welcome exactly as you are. Our courses do not elevate certain body types and we are always dedicated to creating training environments which are inclusive and adaptable for all bodies. If you are concerned about a specific injury or condition you are experiencing or recovering from, please speak with our course organizers. It will probably be fine for you to attend, but we want to make sure that the program is appropriate and supportive to whatever your present needs are. 



Will I be eligible for continuing education hours?

Yes. Eva is registered with the US/International Yoga Alliance as a YACEP (Yoga Alliance continuing Education Provider) and our course curriculum has been approved for 25-hrs of CE. Provided you attend all course hours and complete your final written assignments, you may upload your certificate within the Yoga Alliance platform and Eva will approve it to log your CE hours in their system. 


Is there an exam or final assignments?

Yes. In order to receive certification, participants are required to teach a short practicum on day three and complete two final written assignments following the training. These assignments include submitting a final written exam and a class plan. Breathe and don’t stress. Between attending the course hours and the support of your in-depth myofascial manual, you should be able to complete these without too much challenge. Both exercises are designed for you to demonstrate your knowledge of myofascial theory and teaching application. As we complete 23.5hrs of in-studio training together, these assignments are essential as they constitute the remaining 2.5hrs of our curriculum. Both assignments are due by February 1st, 2023. Extensions may be available depending on individual circumstances (please speak to the course organizer directly). 


What is the scope of practice?

This program offers yoga teachers education in MFR techniques which can be instructed for your student’s own practice in a group or private class setting. Participants will not be trained or certified to diagnose or treat any conditions and should not make such claims. Participants will not be trained or certified to perform any form of manual MFR therapy (physical therapy). While principles of trauma-sensitivity will be included in the curriculum, participants will not be trained or certified in trauma informed yoga. We will also include a brief conversation on MFR for pregnancy, however participants will not be trained or certified in teaching MFR to prenatal clients.


What will our training days include?

Our days together will start and end with moderate yoga practices which integrate myofascial techniques and anatomy teaching moments. These two daily classes also serve as examples of sequencing and theming structures. The rest of our training sessions will include a blend of theoretical lecture, embodied anatomical learning, and MFR technique tutorials.



What should I bring to training?

Just the YTT usuals:

  • Yourself, your mat + a water bottle

  • Pens and a notebook for any extra note taking beyond your comprehensive manual

  • Comfy yoga clothes (We always recommend having layers, but for MFR practice you may prefer to shed fabrics can get in the way and tie up and long hair when work neary the shoulders)

  • You can bring snacks or enjoy the nourishing vegan options upstairs at the Santosa cafe 

  • If there are any other myofascial tools you enjoy working with, feel welcome to bring them along (optional)


Will we have breaks throughout the training day? 

To allow for a sustainable training experience, you will enjoy two daily breaks from 9:30-10:00am and from 12:30-1:30pm. If you wish, you can conveniently pre-order your breakfast or lunch at the Santosa cafe to be ready for you during your break. Alternatively, you can bring food or explore the local neighborhood. 


I need to miss a training session of the YTT. Is this possible? 

Full attendance is mandatory to receive certification. Please speak to the course organizers (not venue) about any potential conflicts in advance. Depending on the individual situation, we may be able to find a solution involving an extra assignment, however any pattern of non-approved in attendance would result in incomplete accreditation requirements.


What is not included in the YTT price?

Student’s travel and/or accommodation is not included in the course tuition and course organizers are not responsible for any such arrangements. 


Why are prices listed in euros? (Previously) 

Moving forward, our work will primarily be based out of our studio and retreat in Portugal. As my website does not allow me to accept multiple forms of currency, we have chose to consolidate all prices in euros. You can google to check general daily conversion rates. If you pay from an account of another currency, your bank will automatically do the conversion at their own rate. 



How does the payment plan work?

We offer a three month payment plan to help make the training more financially accessible. When you register for the course, the first payment is taken. The two recurring payment will be automatically processed on the same day of the following months. Please note, all three payments must be completed before you'll receive your training certificate. To benefit from the payment plan, please register before Dec 13th.  


What is the cancelation or refund policy? 

If a student needs to cancel their YTT booking:

  • At Cozy Yoga Porto | All monies are non-refundable or transferable. 

What happens if the YTT cannot run in person as scheduled (in the event of a lockdown)?

In the event that the YTT cannot proceed as planned in-studio, we will communicate with all students and find the best possible solution, whether that is offering the training online as scheduled or postponing until we can safely continue together. 


Will you ever run this program online?

Due to the anatomical precision required to safely practice these techniques, despite the many requests we’ve received to offer this training online, our MFR module will only be offered in person (with the only potential exception being the event of a lockdown). We invite you to join our in-person community to learn, practice, breathe and integrate together. 


Intellectual materials 

Eva’s self-written manuals are a defining asset of her trainings. Please note that all written materials provided in this training are the intellectual property of Eva Hamilton and cannot be repurposed to facilitate a professional training program. We encourage your deeper integration and further study in your yoga journey. We celebrate you sharing this knowledge and practice with your community through your classes and workshops. If you want to share this work or any direct written content in any other formats, please just check-in with us first.

Any further questions about this YTT? 

We're here for you! Just email our course organizers at

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