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Retreat, Rest

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At The Source, we consciously create unique and unforgettable yoga retreats for those seeking to rest and reconnect in beautiful and supportive spaces.

Our international retreats are held in carefully selected settings and guided by experienced teachers. To us, retreats are transformational experiences, in which we connect with culture, community, and nature, as well as our own inner resources of awareness and well-being.

We provide welcoming experiences for all levels of practitioners, as well as for new and seasoned travelers. From the moment you sign up to our last closing circle, we are here to support every step of your retreat journey.  

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Wild Feminine

Retreat in Ericera, Portugal | July 20-27, 2024

Spend a week with Source, encircled by the crumbling walls and lush gardens of an old Portuguese palace set above Atlantic beaches - the perfect place to connect with your inner feminine. 

Wild Rest

Retreat in Mexico | Novemeber 2024

We're weaving together your next adventure - featuring lush jungles, warm beaches, yoga, and tacos. We'll keep you posted on our next Mexican adventure.

More info coming soon
SOURCE  Website  (9).png
SOURCE  Website  (9).png

Source Retreats

At our home in the Douro Valley, Portugal | Coming in 2025

Currently under construction. We cannot wait to host you in our own space - a historical vineyard retreat in the North of Portugal. 

More info coming soon
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