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Befriending Your Fear + Beginning Yoga Teacher Training 

How do you know if you're ready to start your yoga teacher journey?

Effort and surrender. Expansion and contraction.  Yoga is the balance and union of these dualities. So it is only natural that before embarking on your journey of yoga teacher training, you may first encounter the tension of fear or uncertainty. 

Perhaps you've practiced yoga for years and have long meditated about signing up for teacher training. Or maybe you've felt a recent shift that's aligned you with expanding your yoga practice and studies. Yet, the fear of doing something outside your comfort zone can still hold you back. 


Whether you want to deepen your personal practice into a lifelong path or start sharing yoga professionally with other people in your community, stepping into yoga teacher training is a no-small decision. It's only natural to feel a little anxious as you begin to explore different courses and curriculums. 

Am I ready? Have I practiced for long enough? What if I can't do all the poses? What about all the anatomy and philosophy? Will I feel ready to guide others? - All of these questions are a part of this journey too.


Think of your favourite yoga teachers - the ones who have made a meaningful difference in your life through the medium of their teaching. They likely sat and breathed through all the same feelings too when they started. 

Having an established practice is essential. But know that to become a yoga teacher, you do not need to be able to do advanced asana or achieve any stage of enlightenment. Being a guide for others also means leading with authenticity and showing up with both courage and vulnerability. 

So we’d like to cast some light into those shadows – and show you that perhaps all of your uncertainties about yoga teacher training are really just your petals beginning to unfurl... 

1. Feel the Fear


Drop into your body and be with it all. The muscular contraction, shortened breath, quickened heart... All of these are intelligent reactions. Your body preparing to respond and adapt to change. 

Fear is a natural response to taking a big step into the unknown, even when it’s something we dearly want. First and foremost, we need to be honest about our fear and honor it with compassion and care.

When you acknowledge this fear, you can treat it like a close friend who is momentarily afraid –which is what it truly is. Honoring your desire to keep yourself safe will allow you to breathe freely as you prepare to move forward.

2. Follow the Compass of Fear


Let’s be honest – growth isn't always comfortable. Whether it's committing time and energy, learning new anatomical or energetic concepts, or standing on a mat in front of your peers, it may all be unfamiliar and new. 


You will learn to teach your first pose, first flow, and first class to your training peers. You will study more than you likely did in school (bonus: at least it's subject matter you enjoy!). It may feel incredibly overwhelming, all of the new things you’ll be exploring. But through the discomfort of evolving into a different version of yourself, you may be surprised as your expectations, priorities, and self-limiting beliefs begin to change. 


Fear is a necessary part of this journey because it acts as a compass if you let it. Feeling that fear reflects your desire to grow and align your inner and outer selves. Take a moment and reflect on why you decided to pursue yoga teacher training in the first place. That intention is your North Star, keeping you on the right path.

3. Seek Support 

Another aspect of yoga teacher training that makes it much less daunting is the community growing beside you.


Likeminded people will be drawn to the same experiences, so you will likely be in a class of other aspiring yogis with the same worries and voices in their heads, too. And trust us – no one will be cheering for you harder to transform than they will be.

What about your teacher trainers? Their primary focus will be to create an inclusive environment, support your learning process, and witness your development into a confident teacher. Their work is about ensuring you can share yoga in a safe and skilled way, but not to impose rigid expectations or judgments. Teaching yoga is about acknowledging individual journeys and encouraging new teachers to find their own authentic expression and voice. 


Yoga Teacher Training is often the most supportive and loving environment you can experience – these are peers who will be breaking down their barriers and moving through fears just like you are, and this can create lifelong friends and chosen families.

With the strength of your intention and the support of so many beside you, it becomes easier to find the courage to face whatever comes as a challenge, and with that energy, your fear knows it will be safe. There is harmony in that union, just like the gentle embrace of Yin and the dynamic dance of Yang. 

4. Do it Anyway - Take the step before you're "ready."

Too often, we wait for the perfect moment, the ideal circumstances, or a sense of complete readiness before embarking on new ventures or pursuing our dreams. However, life rarely unfolds according to our meticulously laid-out plan.

When we take the step before we feel entirely 'ready,' we challenge ourselves to expand our limits and explore uncharted territory. We confront our fears, push past self-imposed limitations, and discover reservoirs of courage and resilience within ourselves that we never knew existed.

Like the inhale and exhale, expanding and releasing, we can let these natural rhythms carry ys to new possibilities. With effort, we engage and align into a posture. With surrender, we soften and settle, feeling the pose with gentleness and curiosity. Like many things we do and learn on the mat, this wisdom overflows into the wider experiences of our lives. 

Breathe and balance the fear and excitement and listen to where it guides you ♡

Do you feel called to step onto this sacred path? We’d be honored to be your Source.


We offer 200 hr YTT twice a year–you can explore our offerings here.

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